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We work with organizationsgovernment, energy, art, education to assess technology needs through collaborative research, design and development activities. We are proud to work with a diverseLet's collaborate! Contact group of people, helping clients get the most from their data systems.


Department of Public Safety with Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

A needs assessment, process mapping, and software implementation working with Corrections, Sheriff’s Division and Judiciary stakeholders to identify a quick turn-around, high impact, small project to facilitate timely transportation between Oahu’s Community Correctional Center and Oahu’s First Circuit Court.

Live Bus - GTFS RealtimeGoogle Transit Feed Specification - Realtime

An open data format for public transportation schedules and geographic information mappingMaps generated with D3.js and handcrafted TopoJSON of Honolulu's TheBus routes and vehicle locations. Software shared publicly


Hawaii GasFounded 1904, Hawaii Gas has been the only gas utility in the State of Hawaiʻi, with operations on multiple islands

Comprehensive business process mapping and data infrastructure needs assessment. For Hawaiʻi's only regulated gas utility, providing synthetic natural gas via pipeline, and propane via delivery


CLASSIFIED: My Profile Tour // Design interventionArt selected for tour by deep convolutional neural network, face detection & recognition comparing guest to faces found in art. Portions of tour selected by modification of object detection neural network model, PCA dimensionality reduction, graphing algorithms and shortest path compution

Complementing a panel discussion on surveillance with Edward Snowden, at the Honolulu Museum of Art's, Doris Duke Theatre's CLASSIFIED program. Introduces museum visitors to current surveillance technologiesDeep neural network model and LFW attributes used for "problematic" classification of guests, provided by Kyle McDonald and deploys them to present the individual with a customized, self-guided tour through the Honolulu Museum of Art's permanent collection.A collaboration with the Doris Duke Theatre and graphic designer Jill Misawa

Noise Machine #1

Motion-sensingUsing depth-sensing Kinect device, synthesizedSound programmed and produced by Overtone and Clojure harpsichord with computer animated visualsVisualization of sound frequency, attack, and decay with Quil and Clojure, for the Now Hear This exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Spalding House. Videos: 1, 2, 3, 4. Software shared publicly

Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, Shangri La

Created an interactive 3D modelBased on initial 3D model by Tadpole Studio and website customization for display of the Quwatli House, Model of a Damascene Home, "an elaborately decorated private house in eighteenth-nineteenth-century Damascus." Featured on ArchDaily


Interactive computer visionOptical flow detection with OpenCV via QuilCV, shared publicly installation converting the viewer's motion into coral polyps which flockFlocking animation with Quil and Clojure, form colonies and eventially degrade. Created for the Honolulu Biennial's Chain of Fire: The Prologue Exhibition for the 2016 Honolulu Biennial event. Software shared publicly

Honolulu Museum of Art, Bank of Hawaii Family Sunday

We were asked to use interactive depth sensors in 3D art for their monthly event. Projects included a Kinect 3D Mirror and Kinect 3D Playspace

Arctic Perspective InitiativeA non-profit, international group promoting open authoring, communications and dissemination infrastructures for the circumpolar region

Created a custom iPad application to allow collection of signatures in support of the Phoenix Declaration, drafted during the open-space conference, held in Germany at the HMKV Phoenix Halle


EPICEthnographic Praxis in Industry Conference 2018: Excavating Data: What 20 Years of Data Entries Tell Us About Individuals, Systems, and Organizations

An explorationCreated by Alicia Dornadic, Jill Axelson, Cara Oba, and Kyle Oba of an organization's use of technology through data visualizations to understand and communicate our collective assumptions about data and data systems. Looking at data systems from multiple vantage points, what does it mean to track a single person across systems? What do we see in aggregate? What do the comparisons reveal?

EPIC 2011: Piecing Together Ethnography and Design by Hand

An exhibitionCreated by Alicia Dornadic and Cara Oba exploring how data may be more engaging and useful for inspiring design concepts. Imagery creates a nonlinear narrative that intentionally obscures the lines between reality and fiction, various times and places, and what is and what can be.

Hywai‘i - μKanren in Hy

A presention for the PyNow Python Programming Conference, covering our novel implementation of μKanrenAn embedded DSL for logic programming in the Hy programming languageA LISP which runs on the Python virtual machine. Software shared publicly

Out of Office

With the assistance of friends, hosts guest speakers and workshopsAt inspiring locations, such as the Hawaii Museum of Art, Spalding House, and including inspiring digital artist, Kyle McDonald when opportunities arise. Challenging programmers, designers, and artists to leave their normal environments, change their perspectives on work, and make connections

Phoenix with ClojureScript, Boot & Hoplon

A lighting talk at Elixir Conf 2017, answering important questions of our time, such as "What if I use LISP for everything?"

University of Hawaiʻi, American Institute of Architecture Students

Interactive design lecture on exploration of new technology applications in the field of design