for simple,
flexible, and effective
goal mapping.

Treed Paper Tree

Envision what you want and start building!


  • Updated for retina iPads
  • Manage multiple trees
  • Clone existing trees
  • Fast, tap and swipe editing
  • Zoom out for bigger picture
  • Send map as PDF to iBooks
  • Save PDF to Dropbox app
  • AirPrint compatibility for printing
  • Email PDF after saving to iBooks

iPad Main Screen Shot iPad Tasks Screen Shot iPad Flyover Screen Shot

"easy and intuitive!"

- Debora Kaashoek,

Industrial Designer

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Treed is better.

Better than Gantt charts? Project "management" tools can be rigid and tedious to work with. Treed is flexible.

Better than todo lists? Todo lists are great when you already know what to do. But, what if you're afraid to start, or don't know about that next step? Treed is different. Treed can help.

Better than just using a pen and paper? Or, how about a whiteboard? Treed's visual structure keeps sight of the bigger picture, while helping you focus on what's actionable.

Stop managing your management tool, worrying about unknowns, and getting lost in the lists. Start getting the most out of your iPad. Envision your goals. Treed helps you get there!